Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Bits...

Just a few random bits there today.....


The Mighty XT350 is due for a rear tire, I bought a Cheng shin C858 (now discontinued) last summer for it, and it now reaching the end of its  life, roughly 2500 miles later. I have been really happy with the tires, they carried me through mud, sands, rocks, and lots of pavement commuting. I was going to order another when I found out they was discontinued. So the next tires will be IRC TR-11 DOT trials tread.


I'm still using the bags here a month later, they have held up well without issue even after I let the left one get against the tire and got some scrub wear on it. These bags are not rain proof without the covers, so anything you want dry better go in a ziplock baggie if you plan on leaving it in the bags.
I've carried several pounds in the bags in general for the last month and commutes totaling about a 1000 miles. Only complaint is that they was missing straps from the factory that would allow you to connect the front through the frame and the rear. These straps would allow adjustment and positive attachment to the bikes frame.


XTique was the name I gave my 82 Yamaha XT550, it started life as a mild mannered stock XT when I got my hands on it. Now its a FrankenBike. Its been improved and is now capable of cross country travel on roads or without. Its a hybrid of parts. Frontend, from honda XR350, Shock from a YZ465, and the the engine is now a TT600 mill. Thus a Frankenbike, built from a little of everything.
 My oldest boy had a growing spurt over the winter and can now reach the ground from the seat of a long travel suspended bike.
Here is enjoying the torque of a large thumper.

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