Monday, April 4, 2011

Just a tidbit...

The little XT is like the energizer bunny. It just runs and runs, always ready to go where you point it without giving worry or a reason to doubt its ready to go.
Last night the winds was howling in anticipation of the coming climatic change, the XT and I danced the dance to work, with a little shrug here and there due to the violent cross winds. On the pavement its not a big hassle you just micro correct and go on, but on the gravel roads its a little more dire. Sudden movements of the bars a loose surface can land you a front place report on the face plant forum on and no one whats that kind of of publicity.
 We went out this morning to pay a few bills and make a deposit in the bank in the rain. I can say I like the FX-37 in the rain well too, I made a side trip to the Army Surplus store and found a little wool green scarf to shield the neck from the winds of change that was blowing through today.

Not really much more to tell, except I was in the shop and on the LC4 and see if it would start. It was a big FAIL, it turned over great with the battery but refused to fire up. I rarely regret bikes or car purchases and the last one I seriously remember regretting is a Mazda 626 that blew the engine the first day we had it. The second I can honestly say is the KTM as much as I love riding it, it has not been a heart warming experience in any form. I'm so tired of working on it that I doubt I will again.

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