Friday, April 8, 2011

ATV/Bike Tow Rope...

Look what the brown truck brought me today. I was shopping on ebay and found a nice roll of it. This stuff is 3/4" wide and maybe 1/16" thick, and rated pulling strength of 1800#'s. What better material to carry on your bike, atv, or even hiking. You can carry dozens of feet of the stuff have no appreciable weight to be toting around.

I've used it before to pull a bike out of the woods and had no issue at all. Just a great utility item to carry on your remote adventures, Jeep, ATV, Bike, Hiking, Emergency repair kit. You name it.

Like a friend told me he wanted a few hundred feet of the stuff for use in his Toyota to drag trees and anything else that might be in his way when out wheeling. Feel free to contact me if you would like some too.

No fingers aren't that dirty,its the contrast of the cell phone camera and direct sunlight with the bright white of this reflecting  light.

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