Sunday, April 3, 2011

AFX FX-37 Dual Sport Helmet part II

I've had a few days with the new helmet now for over a a hundred miles commuting to work.
I can say that I like it. Sure the optics are not perfect, but at speed you never notice it.
It could use venting control on the chin guard, it lets a fair amount of cold air in through the opening there and there is no regulating it.
There is a fair bit of wind noise from air flow over the helmet.
The visor is quite high but I was able to tuck my head a little block the morning sun riding without much trouble.
you will also notice cross winds with it too, seems to catch the wind a little more than an MX helmet.

I'm also still noticing two pressure points when wearing it, just above my forehead, I think a little adjustment with a hammer to shape/soften the foam just a little will cure this, maybe even sand it out just a little with some 100 grit paper.

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