Thursday, March 24, 2011

Panniers XT350

Time for a product review for anyone that might be interested.
I ordered a set of these bags last week,
It was the first time I ordered from these folks.

Order was placed on Friday and I received them today Wed via the
big brown truck.
First impression is that the material is a fairly heavy denier fabric.
They're a nice size for carrying the essentials of a weekend trip.
You can see in the second image they're laid out over my XT350
for size relation. 

These are not small bags, they're not permanently sewn together, they're two separate bags that hook together via velcro strips and a strap similar to the strap on a motorcycle helmet.
There is the main compartment, 


  There is a net pocket on one end and a zippered compartment on the other end with a zippered pouch on the face. Inside the main compartment you will find another net/zippered pouch and in the back is a wide elastic band with a plastic buckle.

They're not waterproof and come with a pair of rain flies to protect them when the weather turns damp. 
Overall the design looks solid. There is a few loose threads on the inside, but I'm not nitpicking the bags, I think they're a good buy for the price if they hold up on the long run.

Here is the back of the bags, they have an breadth of material attached to the back I assume as a wear pad for the cruiser crowd I know these was intended for.

You can also see a buckle that is not attached to anything, there is one on each bag, I can only assume it was for a strap maybe that was maybe discontinued.

These also come with a vinyl piece to hold the bags shape when lightly loaded or empty.

I have not worked out how I'm going to mount them on a mono-shocked DS bike yet. But will come.
How they look hanging on the little XT350, with the Moose tank panniers, back pack on the tank, and these panniers on the rear you should have enough room to explore for a week at a time and not need much support.  
   Want to get a pair of your own you can order them from the link below.
One more picture on how they look on the KTM LC4 its a much larger machine and fit it better. 


  1. does the bag have any protection from the muffler, or is the stock shroud enough? you would think that it would melt the bag...

  2. The factory guard, and the side panel/number plate shields the bags from the muffler heat okay.
    I have had one heat related issue, when the bags got to far back and melted a plastic D Ring.
    I have one other gripe, and that is the bags did not come with a pair of straps to connect the two bags through the frame, and one across the rear that would be adjustable.

    That said, I have been happy with them here it is a month later and I've put close to a 1000 miles on the bike with the bags in play and they've held up very well carrying various things, but nothing heavy for the most part, rain gear, hard hats, extra coat, lunches, etc.

    I would not let the missing straps stop me from buying another set.

  3. Thanks a lot! just ordered a pair!