Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AFX FX-37 Dual Sport Helmet.

I typically avoid buying things like helmets on-line because you never know if they're going to fit.
Last one I bought was a TMS Carbon Fiber Dual Sport Helmet, awesome as it looked, I could not wear it, even in ordering a XXL. Maybe it was XXL for a kid.
Well my son now wears the TMS and loves it.

I broke my rule when I found the FX-37 on closeout for about 1/2 price, I know it didn't have the great reviews of a Shoei or Arai helmet, but what do you expect from a sub $150 Helmet, remember that nearly all this stuff is manufactured in China now so it costs them no more to make an AFX than it does a Shoei, I would venture a guess they typically come from the same factory.

Well the big brown truck just left the drive dropping off the new Helmet, so of course I had to open it and try it on. It is sized XXL, my old MX helmet is XL so I was guessing the sizing to run a bit small and it is.
Its a tight fit on my cheeks and might press a little on the cranium but I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt and try it for a few weeks to see.
The optics are not great, there is a slight distortion dead center in the visor, but its not terrible, I've been in cars where the curvature of the windshield creates as much distortion. Time will tell to be honest.

One thing off the start is the visor has no detents. So there is no positive locks for opening it partially, time will tell if this going to be an issue with wind pressures and trying to say keep the visor from fogging up.
The sizing is such that if you order one I would go one size larger than you normally wear make sure your cranium will actually fit inside the thing.

Over all for the price the finish good, the styling is okay, I'll check back in a few days with an update once it quits raining and I can give a trial on the road.

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