Thursday, June 14, 2012

Out in the LIght

I got my parts this morning, a brake hose, some bolts, and some primer.
So now the CJ isn't ashamed to show its grill in the light.
So now it stops, and it goes, Has all the lights working, I just need to service it.
Change the oil, in everything, diffs, gear boxes etc.
It tends to wander the road a bit, so some front end work is in order, it could partially be the old rubber. They're pretty dry rotted. I got a set of new Goodyears on the Bronco that is going to go on it. But I have to get the stupid locking locknuts off it. first.
We picked up an Emergency lug nut removal kit for that chore at least I hope it works.
It looks more like a jeep with the roll bar on it too.

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